Unlimited Baby Music and Yoga Classes

“get ready to
jam with us!”


digital and experential marketing through musical experiences for parents & Kids



Baby Jam drives traffic to the register by marketing and producing themed events at popular retailers including Nordstrom, Balducci’s, Shake Shack, Gap and Hanna Andersson.


OUR partners

Our partners and sponsors include local and national brands.

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Baby Jam's marketing is a combination of digital and experiential and compliments the marketing and advertising you already have in place. We promote our client’s brands through the digital marketing as we hype up hyper-local, family-friendly events through social media and bloggers. We then use the in-store events, like kids sing-alongs, as a channel for brand exposure. To track returns, we work together to find incentives and monitor progress at the register.

  • Target Audience
    Affluent, suburban parents ages 25-44, with online promotions of the events and then in store. 

  • Reach
    60,000-111,000 people per market, monthly

  • Geography
    Suburbs in major markets, nationwide

  • Promotions and Tactics
    Mix of digital and experiential marketing tactics

    Contact info@baby-jam.com to learn more about upcoming sponsorship activities.